No 4 – 04/04/08

SGAA/SSAA News No 4 -  04/04/08

1. Travel support SSAA - invitation to apply for grants
2. Application for Ph.D. talks at the general assembly of the SSAA
3. International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009

1. Travel support SSAA - invitation to apply for grants

The SSAA (Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy) will have in 
2008 some money from the sc|nat (CHF 10500.—) available for travel 
grants. The SSAA now invites applicants to apply until April 27, 2008 to (Hans Martin Schmid, ETH Zurich). The request 
should provide the date, place, and the reason for the travel, as well 
as the cost to be covered by the SSAA. There are two types of travel 

(a) international collaboration (CHF 5500.-)

Travel money for international collaboration is preferentially given for
travels to meetings where Swiss participation is considered to be useful, 
for visits at other institutions (for research projects), and observing 
runs. The person should be a SGAA member (a good reason to join!) and an 
active  researcher in astrophysics.

(b) support for young scientists (CHF 5000.-)

Travel money for young scientists is given preferentially to Ph.D. 
students but also young Post-Docs, whereby the money may be used for 
observing runs, visits to other institutions, conferences, research 
schools etc. In the application it should be clarified in a few words 
why this travel is important for the research project of the applicant. 
Particularly encouraged to apply are young researchers who are in a 
situation where it is not so easy to get the money from other 

2. Application for Ph.D. talks at the general assembly of the SSAA

The annual general assembly of the SSAA takes place on Friday, Sept. 26, 
2008 at the ETH in Zurich. During the scientific meeting of the SSAA 
about 6 to 8 young scientists will have the opportunity to present during 
15 minutes the results of their Ph.D. thesis.

We now invite young scientist from Swiss research institutions, who have 
just finished or who will finish soon their thesis to apply for an oral 
presentation at our meeting before April 15, 2008 with an e-mail to 


3. International Year of Astronomy (IYA) 2009 

Preparations for IYA2009 ( are ongoing.
The Swiss Single Point of Contact (SPOC) acting as a contact for the
IAU is Pierre Dubath (Observatoire, GE). The Swiss IYA2009 Website
is under construction and will be on-line soon.

A steering committee with the following members has been set up
for Switzerland.
Philippe Jetzer  : region Zurich   :
Stefano Sposetti : region Ticino   :
Kathrin Altwegg  : region Bern     :
Gilbert Burki    : region Romandie :">
Bruno Binggeli   : region NW-CH    :">
Werner Schmutz   : region GR       :
Max Hubmann      : SAS             :
Daniel Schaerer  : SSAA            :">
Pierre Dubath    : SPOC            :">

Its main roles are to organise and coordinate national events, to
coordinate regional and local events, and to insure an efficient
dissemination of information.

==> All persons wishing to organise or participate in the organisation
of events under IYA2009 are encouraged to contact their regional
representative or the SPOC. The success of the IYA2009 
activities/projects relies very much on your active contributions.

Information from Pierre Dubath and Daniel Schaerer


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