No 40 – 21/01/2019

SGAA/SSAA News No 40 – 21/01/2019

1. Registration in the new SSAA website–the EAS membership–SSAA annual fee payment DEADLINE FEBRUARY 15 2019
2. Documents of the 2018 General Assembly of the SSAA

1. Registration in the new SSAA website and the EAS membership


Each member of the SSAA is invited to register on the new website and to provide his/her contact details. This will ensure that the SSAA has your correct contact information.

You can directly access the registration page here.

European Astronomical Society (EAS) MEMBERSHIP

The EAS offers to any member of the SSAA working as a researcher in astrophysics to become a member of the EAS for free.

SSAA members that are currently Individual members of the EAS need also to tick this box if they wish to have the free membership via the SSAA. Otherwise, they will be considered as paying members in 2019 (40 EUR).

The benefits of EAS membership can be found on the EAS webpage. In particular, EAS members profit from discount registration fees for EWASS 2019.

By ticking the box–> YES, I want to be / already am an EAS member via the SSAA–, you agree that the SSAA transmits your detailed information to the EAS Office, and you agree that the EAS will make use of these data for EAS-related matters only.

The EAS will also publish your first and last names, institution, and country on its EAS website, behind a login. The EAS Office will send login details in early 2019.

Annual membership payment through the webpage

The 30 CHF annual SSAA membership payment can be made online.

You can also set an automatic annual payment by clicking on the “Subscribe” button


3. Documents of the 2018 General Assembly of the SSAA

The documents of the GA 2018 in Bern can be downloaded here.


–> The Saas Fee Lecture 2020 will have as a title

Astronomy in the era of big data.

Proposed by Yann Alibert and Kevin Heng (University of Bern),
Danuta Sosnowska, Nathan Hara and Xavier Dumusque (University of Geneva), and Lucio Mayer (University of Zürich)

—> The Edith Alice Müller award 2018 was shared between

  • Vivien François Bonvin for his thesis Precise measurements of time delays in gravitationally lensed quasars for competitive and independant determinations of the Hubble constant at EPFL
  • and Sandro Tacchella for his thesis The formation and Evolution of Bulges and Disks in High-Redshift Galaxies at ETHZ


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