Young scientist support

Each year, the SSAA receives money from the sc|nat available as travel money for young SSAA members.

To apply, .

The deadline is usually in March of the considered year (see the e-news for the precise date each year).

Travel money for young scientists is given preferentially to Ph.D. students but also young Post-Docs, whereby the money may be used for observing runs, visits to other institutions, conferences, research schools etc. Particularly encouraged to apply are young researchers who are in a situation where it is not so easy to get the money from other institutions.

Typical amount per application is between 500.- and 1500.-

Past support attribution

In 2022

  • Deniz Soyuer (UniZH)
  • Jeanne Davoult (UniBE)
  • Anna Lüber (UniBE)
  • Sabina Raducan (UniBE)
  • Omar Attia (UniGE)

Total amount: 6000.-

In 2021

  • Camilla Pezzotti (UniGE)
  • Hakim Kaustubh (UniBE)
  • Franziska Zeuner (IRSOL)

Total amount: 3247.-

In 2020

  • Simone Bavera (UniGE)
  • Caroline Haslebacher (UniBE)
  • Béatrice Marie Kulterer (UniBE)
  • Devina Misra (UniGE)
  • Olivier Müller (Obs. Strasbourg)
  • Julian Rodriguez (UniBE)
  • Julia Seidel (UniGE)
  • Stefano Spadaccia (UniBE)
  • Andrei Variu (EPFL)

Total amount: 5300.-

In 2019

  • Enrico Bozzo (UniGE)
  • Thibaut Dumont (UniGE)
  • Andrea Guzman Mesa (UniBE)
  • Romain Lucchesi (EPFL)
  • Sébastien Martinet (UniGE)
  • Devina Misra (UniGE)
  • Camilla Pezzotti (UniGE)
  • Manuel Raimbault (UniGE)
  • Thibaut Roger (UniBE)
  • Marko Sestovic (UniBE)

Total amount: 8300.-

In 2018

  • Enrico Bozzo (UniGE)
  • Natacha Brügger (UniBE)
  • Remo Burn (UniBE)
  • Leonardo Dos Santos (UniGE)
  • Thibaut Roger (UniBE)
  • Yoshinobu Fudamoto (UniGE)
  • Thibaut Dumont (UniGE)

Total amount: 5000.-

In 2017

  • Enrico Bozzo (UniGE)
  • Jonas Hadelmann (UniBE)
  • Rémy Joseph (EPFL)
  • Isabella Lamperti (UCL, UK)
  • Zhaosheng Li (ISSI)
  • Gözde Saral (UniGE)
  • Lia Sartori (ETHZ)

Total amount: 5000.-

In 2016

  • Claudio Bruderer (ETHZ)
  • William Chantereau (UniGE)
  • Arthur Choplin (UniGE)
  • Florian Gallet (UniGE)
  • Nuno Guerreiro (PMOD)
  • Andrina Nicola (ETHZ)
  • Olga Tihinova (EPFL)
  • Anne Weigel (ETHZ)
  • Michiel Zittersteijm (UniBE)

Total amount: 9000.-

In 2015

  • Vivien Bonvin (EPFL)
  • Flavio Calvo (IRSOL)
  • Frederica Cersullo (UniGE)
  • Catrina Diener (ETHZ)
  • Ying Qin (UniGE)
  • Rémy Joseph (EPFL)
  • Léa Sartori (ETHZ)
  • José Groh (UniGE) IAU GA participation
  • Martin Jutzi (UniBE) IAU GA participation
  • Aline Vidotto (UniGE) IAU GA participation

Total amount: 15700.-