No 45 – 23/08/2020

SGAA/SSAA News No 45 – 24/08/2020

1.   Registration online to the Society 
2.   Annual membership payment through the webpage
3.   Call for MERAC Funding and Travel Awards  (deadline for applications September 1rst 2020)
4.   The Edith Alice Müller Award 2020 
5.   Next GA of the SSAA in 2020 REGISTRATION MANDATORY before Monday September 21.
6.   Call for candidates for the Committee of the SSAA
7.   Saas-Fee lectures 2022: projects to be sent to before October 2.
8.   General information on the Society

1. Registration online to the Society

Each member of the SSAA is asked to register on the new website and to provide his/her contact details. 

If you have changed your affiliation/e-mail please change the information accordingly. This will ensure that the SSAA has your correct contact information.

You can directly access the registration page here

Otherwise go to the web page

2.  Annual membership payment through the webpage

The 30 CHF annual SSAA membership payment can be made online:

You can also set an automatic annual payment by clicking on the “Subscribe” button (but in that case you need to have a PayPal account).


3. Call for MERAC Funding and Travel Awards 

The SSAA is pleased to announce the 2020 call for MERAC awards.

Since 2013 the SSAA committee distributes Funding and Travel 
Awards (20’000 Euro in total) sponsored by Foundation MERAC (Mobilising 
European Research in Astrophysics and Cosmology), a nonprofit foundation 
in Switzerland to recognize, encourage and promote the research and 
mobility of young European Astrophysicists and Cosmologists.

The recipients of the MERAC awards are listed here:

The objectives of the grants are to cover travel costs, participation 
at international conferences, short stays abroad, costs for collaborations, 
or alike, to support the development of research projects by young 
astrophysicists. The grants do not cover expenses for scientific apparatus 
or equipment.

The grants are subject to the following conditions:
– The grantee must be employed by or affiliated with a Swiss research 
institute or University.
– The grants must be used to cover project costs, not or only partially 
covered by other institutions. 
– The grant has to be used within two years, after which unused funding 
must be reimbursed to the SSAA.
– The grantee provides the SSAA with a financial report and short final 
report on the use of the grant.  
– The grantee allows the MERAC Foundation to make his/her biography and 
project summary public.

Applications will be received twice per year (March 1rst, and September 1rst). 
They must include 
1) a short biography, 
2) a research project description with a summary, 
3) and a budget estimate. 
4) In case of a multiple applications, the list of other solicited funds shall be given. 

The applications should be limited to a maximum of 5 pages, 
in a single pdf file, to be sent to 
to with copy


4. The Edith Alice Müller Award 2020

The Edith Alice Müller Award 2020 have been attributed to the following two young researchers:

Dr Ewelina Orbzud (UNIGE and CESM) for her thesis

High repetition rate laser frequency combs for astronomical spectrograph calibration

Dr Gioele Janett (IRSOL) for his thesis

Numerical Methods for the Transfer Equation of Polarized Radiation 

The award will be officially delivered at the yearly General Assembly
of the Society (St-Luc 8-9 October 2020).

The list of the awards in 2018 and 2019 can be found below


5. Next General Assembly of the SSAA in 2020, registration mandatory

The next General Assembly will be held on Thursday 8 and Friday 9 October 2020 
in Saint-Luc, Val d’Anniviers where a public astronomical observatory, the
François-Xaxier Bagnoud Observatory will celebrate its 25 years of existence

Registration will be mandatory to participate to this event (see attached file).
Registration is open starting 24 August 2020 and be possible until Monday September 21.

A document is attached below with practical information about this meeting as well as indications on how
to register. The program will be sent later.


6. Next General Assembly of the SSAA in 2020, election of the SSAA Committee:

The present Committee is composed of

Marc Audard (Secretary, elected in 2019 for 3 years, end of the term 2022)

Margit Haberreitter (Vice-president, elected in 2017, end of the term 2020)

Georges Meynet (President, elected the first time as president in 2014. Arrives in 2020 at the end of the second and last term as president.)

Christoph Mordasini (Treasurer, elected in 2017, end of the term 2020)

So formally, we need to elect three members in the Committee and elect a new president.

Margit Haberreiter is a candidate for a second term in the Committee and is willing to be candidate for the Presidency. 
Christoph Mordasini  is a candidate for a second term in the Committee.
Georges Meynet will step out from the Committee this year.

If any member of the Society is interested in being a candidate for any of the open position,they are invited to send
an e-mail to the Secretary Marc Audard before September 21 2020.

A formal election will be held during the business session of the GA on October 9 2020.

1) Three Members of the Committee will have to be elected,
2) The president will be elected.

7.   Saas-Fee lectures 2020, 2021 and 2022

The 2020 Saas-Fee course was perturbed by the COVID-19 pandemia.

During the GA some news will be given concerning this course.

Members who would like to present a project for the 2022 Saas-Fee course are invited to send an e-mail to the before Friday October 2.


8. General information on the Society

For more information concerning the SGAA/SSAA, astronomy in Switzerland, and related topics visit our Website

For any information and messages to be circulated via the SGAA/SSAA mailing list please e-mail your text to the secretary: in plain ASCII. Thank you !