No 29 – 21/05/2015

SGAA/SSAA News No 29 – 21/05/2015

1. Call for “Astronomy Outreach” projects
2. Call for MERAC Funding
3. McCray Symposium, 1-5 June 2015, Bern
4. CSH Summer School 2015: From dust to planets & geology, AUGUST 24TH-28TH, Leukerbad
5. CADMOS HPC Course 2015, 7th-9th of September, Leysin
6. SSAA General Assembly (17 oct 2014, EPFL): call for talks, Saas-Fee proposals
7. A tribute to Marcel Golay (1927-2015)
1. Call for “Astronomy Outreach” projects
In 2015, the SSAA offers financial support of up to 9000 CHF for
projects on Astronomy Outreach.
Funding is possible for diverse outreach projects, including support for
exhibitions, the preparation of material for schools, the organisation
of events, and alike. Projects will be funded on a competitive basis.
Please send a brief project description and your budget request
to  (Kevin Schawinski).
The deadline for the call is: september 30, 2015.
Requests may also be supported outside this call, if funding permits.
2. Call for MERAC Funding
The SSAA is pleased to announce its fourth call for MERAC awards.
Since 2013 the SSAA committee distributes Funding and Travel
Awards (20’000 Euro in total per year) sponsored by Foundation MERAC (Mobilising
European Research in Astrophysics and Cosmology), a nonprofit foundation
in Switzerland to recognize, encourage and promote the research and
mobility of young European Astrophysicists and Cosmologists.
The first recipients of the MERAC awards are listed here:
The objectives of the grants are to cover travel costs, participation
at international conferences, short stays abroad, costs for collaborations,
or alike, to support the development of research projects by young
astrophysicists. The grants do not cover expenses for scientific apparatus
or equipment.
The grants are subject to the following conditions:
– The grantee must be employed by or affiliated with a Swiss research
  institute or University.
– The grants must be used to cover project costs, not or only partially
  covered by other institutions.
– The grant has to be used within two years, after which unused funding
  must be reimbursed to the SSAA.
– The grantee provides the SSAA with a financial report and short final
  report on the use of the grant.
– The grantee allows the MERAC Foundation to make his/her biography and
  project summary public.
Applications will be received twice per year (february 1, and september 1).
They must include a short biography, a research project description with
a summary, and a budget estimate. In case of a multiple applications, the
list of other solicited funds shall be given. The applications should be
limited to a maximum of 5 pages, in a single pdf file, to be sent to the
Secretary of the SSAA,  (Kevin Schawinski).
3. McCray Symposium, 1-5 June 2015, Bern
Dear colleagues,
         I am writing to announce the McCray Symposium, which will occur
from 1-5 June 2015 in the University of Bern.  It celebrates the scientific
achievements of the astrophysicist Prof. Richard McCray, formerly the
George Gamow Distinguished Professor of Physics at JILA (University of Colorado),
and currently a visiting professor at UC-Berkeley.  Prof. McCray made fundamental
contributions to the study of supernovae, supernova remnants and circumstellar
interactions, and was a key participant in the studies of Supernova 1987A.
He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, which advises
the U.S. government on scientific matters.
          Attached is an internal poster, which contains the schedule and speaker list.
Several of these speakers are equally distinguished, but
I would like to single out Prof. Peter Goldreich (who was Prof. McCray’s Ph.D advisor):
          Additionally, for the last talk of the last day, we will have a
public talk by Harvard professor and astronomer, Prof. Alicia Soderberg:
          The McCray Symposium is open (and free-of-charge) to all Swiss-based
researchers and all members of the University of Bern.  I hope it will provide
scientific stimulation and a chance for you to interact with these distinguished researchers.
Thank you.
Kevin Heng
4. CSH Summer School 2015: From dust to planets & geology, AUGUST 24TH-28TH, Leukerbad
Dear all,
Please, find attached to this email a flyer describing the second Summer
School organised by the Center for Space and Habitability (CSH) of the
University of Bern.
*Topic:                   From dust to planets and geology*
*Where:                 Leukerbad VS, Switzerland*
*When:                 August 24^th to 28^th , 2015*
We would very appreciate, if you would forward this invitation to any
potentially interested person, and to colleagues who could forward it
On behalf of the CSH Summer School 2015 organising committee,
Thank you and kind regards,
Sylviane Blum
5. CADMOS HPC Course 2015, 7th-9th of September, Leysin
Dear colleagues,
Let us bring to your attention that the CADMOS HPC Course 2015 is
taking place on the 7th-9th of September in the beautiful setting of
Leysin. The event takes the shape of a 3-day retreat with an
introductory training in high performance computing. This year, we are
honored to receive keynote talks from Prof. Martin Gander from the
University of Geneva and Prof. Nicolas Salamin from the University of
Please encourage your PhD students and PostDocs to participate in this
event. The deadline for registration is the 6th of July. To initiate
scientific interaction, we encourage participants to bring a poster
presenting their research to Leysin.
Register fast, as the number of places is restricted!
More information about the event (a program is also appended as a PDF):
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about the event.
We hope to meet many of your students and co-workers in Chateau d’Oex!
Jonas Lätt and Vincent Keller
On behalf of the CADMOS committee
6. SSAA General Assembly (15-16 oct 2015, IRSOL, Locarno):
During the general assembly, to be held 15-16 october 2014 at IRSOL, Locarno,
some time will be reserved for short oral presentations of PhD and post-doc talks .
To apply, persons defending their PhD in 2014 or 2015 or post-doc fellows,
are invited to send a title + short abstract to the Secretary
(e-mail below) before 22 august 2015.
Also, the selection of the Saas-Fee course 2017 will be done at this
General Assembly. We look forward to receiving interesting proposals.
If possible, please contact the SSAA secretary in advance.
The final program of the assembly will be circulated in September
and posted on the SSAA Website.
7. A tribute to Marcel Golay (1927-2015)
Marcel Golay, who passed away on 9 April 2015, played a key role
in the development of the research in astrophysics in Switzerland.
This is mainly thanks to his action, that Switzerland is now member of ESA and ESO.
A tribute to his work as an astrophysicist is available to the weblink below
(in french, an english version is in preparation and will be posted soon).
For more information concerning the SGAA/SSAA, astronomy in
Switzerland, and related topics visit our Website
For any information and messages to be circulated via the
SGAA/SSAA mailing list please e-mail your text to the secretary
( in plain ASCII. Thank you !