No 49 – 08/11/2021

SGAA/SSAA News No 49 – 08/11/2021

1. Update from the GA

2. Reminder to register as SSAA member

3. Reminder to pay the 2021 membership fee

4. Upcoming IAU Deadlines

5. Saas-Fee lecture for 2023 selected 

6. Submission deadlines for SSAA Awards (March 1, June 15, and Sept 1, 2022)

7. The committee has reviewed the Merac proposals

8. CLOSING SOON: Deadline for A&A Award: November 15th, 2022

9. A&A Transition to Open Access

10. No job opportunities

11. General information on the Society


1. Update from the GA:

We thank all presenters for their excellent science talks;
Marc Audard is appointed Swiss A&A Representative; 
The SSAA accounts were approved; 
Date of next GA: 6-7th October 2022.
The minutes of the GA can be found at

The science talks will soon be also available on the same repository.


2. Reminder to register as SSAA member

Each existing or new member of the SSAA is asked to register on the new website and to provide contact details. 
Also, if your affiliation/e-mail has changed it is important that this information is updated and at the same time a message to the SSAA secretary (

You can directly access the registration page here
for already registered members


3.  Reminder to pay the 2021 membership fee

The 30 CHF annual SSAA membership payment can be made online:
You can also set an automatic annual payment by clicking on the “Subscribe” button (but in that case you need to have a PayPal account).


4. Upcoming IAU Deadlines

15/11/2021: Deadline for Full proposals to be submitted to the IAU General Secretary concerning the Kavli-IAU “Symposium on Climate Change on Planets”
01/12/2021: Deadline for submitting Additional Questions regarding hosting of the GA 2027
15/12/2021: Deadline for nominations to the Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize
15/12/2021: Each year, the International Astronomical Union welcomes new members. The procedure is described in
15/12/2021: DEADLINE for PhD Prize Application Submission, see


5. 52nd Saas Fee Course “The circum galactic medium across cosmic time” to be held in 2023 and presented by Anne Verhamme has been selected. 


Floriane Leclercq (University of Geneva)

Haruka Kusakabe (University of Geneva)

Thibault Garel (University of Geneva)

Jorryt Matthee (ETH Zurich) 

Anne Verhamme (University of Geneva)

Annalisa De Cia (University of Geneva)

Our warm congratulations for the proposing team!


6. Submission deadlines for recurrent SSAA Awards

– Deadline for Travel Awards: March 1, 2022 
– Deadline for Merac Awards: March 1 and September 1, 2022

– Deadline for Outreach Awards: March 1, 2022 

– Deadline for Edith Alice Müller Award 2021: June 15, 2022


7. The committee has reviewed the Merac proposals and the outcome can be found on the website.


8. Approaching deadline for A&A Award: November 15th, 2022:

The call for the 2022 (second) edition of the A&A Awards coming up. For details see:


9. A&A transitions to Open Access

As presented at the SSAA GA, A&A transitions to Open Access. Please, see below the A&A Press Release:


10.  No job opportunity at this point


11. General information on the Society

For more information concerning the SGAA/SSAA, astronomy in Switzerland, and related topics visit our Website
For any information and messages to be circulated via the SGAA/SSAA mailing list please e-mail your text to the secretary: in plain ASCII. 
Thank you!


Dr. Marina Battaglia

Secretary SSAA 
Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Institut für Data Science
Bahnhofstrasse 6
5210 Windisch
Switzerland" class="">email: