News from the  Society, the commissions for Space Research and Astronomy, the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), the Swiss Space Office, etc., general information concerning Swiss astronomy (e.g. news from the Roadmap and the new Networks), and similar news to the professional astronomers.

Furthermore, announcements of workshops, schools, conferences,  special lectures and alike organized in Switzerland or by Swiss astronomers are also welcome.


Other News

  • As for 2018, the new composition of the SSAA committee is now: Georges Meynet (President, UniGE), Margit Haberreiter (Vice-President, PMOD/WRC), Christoph Mordasini (Treasurer, UniBE) and Adam Amara (Secretary, ETH).
  • The 46th course *** (latest)
  •  “MERAC funding and travel award“: **latest