No 22 – 10/03/13

SGAA/SSAA News No 22 – 10/3/2013
_________________________________________________________________________1. Cosmological probes workshop, June 24-26 2013, Lausanne
2. Cosmochemistry School, August 26-30, Schwagalp, Appenzell
3. Joint meeting of Swiss and Austrian Societies, September 3-6, 2013, Linz
4. Next General Assembly of the SSAA, October 11 2013, Basel
_________________________________________________________________________1) On behalf of the SOC Frederic Courbin would like to announce the workshop

“More than the sum of all parts:
complementarity of cosmological probes”

To be held at EPFL in beautiful Lausanne, June 24-26 2013.  A brief
rationale and basic information can be found on the website below.  Participation is
limited to 90 people to ensure interaction and time for
discussion. Registration is on a first-come first-served
basis and will close on April 30 2013.

Invited speakers include:

Nabila Aghanim, Steve Allen, Luca Amendola, Matthias Bartelmann, Roger
Blandford (TBC) Jim Braatz, Tamara Davis, Joanna Dunkley, Wendy
Freedman, Steven Gratton, Shirley Ho, Robert Kirshner, Marek Kowalski,
Ofer Lahav, Bruno Leibundgut, Yannick Mellier, Alexandre Refregier,
Thomas Reiprich, Adam Riess, Anze Slosar, Sherry Suyu.

More information, including travel information and instructions for
registration and abstract submission, is available at the website:

2) Please, fin attached to this email a flyer describing
the Cosmochemistry Summer School organize by UniBern.

Registration before 20 April 2013

Registration address:

3) Joint meeting of Swiss and Austrian Physics, Astrophysics & Astronomy
Societies, september 3-6, 2013, in Linz

A joint meeting of the Swiss Physical Society, the Austrian Physical
Society, the Austrian Society for Astronomy and Astrophysics, and the
SSAA will take place september 3-6, 2013, in Linz (Austria).

The program consists of plenary speeches, topical sessions, and
additional events. A special session on “Habitable Worlds: From
Detection to Characterization” will be held Thursday, 5 sept.
We look forward to see many of you there!

Further information will be posted soon on


4) SSAA General Assembly 2013

The next general assembly of the SSAA will take place 11 october 2013
at the Uni Basel. Please take a note in your agenda.

A detailed program and further information will be posted later on


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